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The Smooth Blend Cafe

savor the moment.

Welcome to the Smooth Blend Cafe. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your own premium blend. On this page you will come across several links, and inspiring images. I hope to list interesting, and informative topics; poetry, literature, T.V., movie, and celebrity info. Gossip is completely welcome here. If you have any interesting beatnik rhythms, or smoothly-blended gossip then please feel free to submit them to me through Email, or on my "Coffee Menu"(aka Guest Book). Visit often because my menu changes daily


The topics within this site are as follows:

Personal Interests
"Good" Music

Flavor of the month

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A time of true competition.
Paradiddle step step crash,
step step crash,
the faded glory resounds in its view.

To be the best, to be number one.
Pure dreams at a time of such significance now nothing
but a reminder of determination and friendship.

So simple.
A metal to place on ones chest
gives way to a perfectly crafted
edge of bronze and steel.

Like a well-oiled machine
- nuts and bolts perfectly in place.
I can still hear the music,
And await my next beat!


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